Buy your new home in Spain safely with Cryptocurrencies


We’re by your side throughout the entire purchasing process, completing all the legal requirements in Spain until completion day at the Notary’s office.

Blockchain services for buyers


#Preparing your cryptocurrencies

We obtain a traceability report for the cryptocurrencies you are going to use to purchase the property. This is to check that everything is in order. In Spain you must be able to 100% verify the legal origin of your crypto assets.


#Organising the purchase and sale using crypto

We coordinate the process with a Notary and Spanish bank with your approval. 


#Converting your cryptocurrencies into euros

We use a 100% regulated and well-regarded cryptocurrency bank to facilitate the entire buying and selling process.


#Accompanying you to the Notary

We provide the Notary with all the necessary information about the purchase and make the payment to the vendor in euros. 


#At a mínimum cost

The traceability report costs between €500 and €1,500 – depending on the time and complexity and is completed by a customized external consulting firm. InmoCrypto takes care of the entire crypto process for 1% of the purchase price of the property. Both fees are paid by the property purchaser.


#100% regulated purchase in Spain

The procedure used by InmoCrypto to purchase properties with cryptocurrencies in Spain has been approved by Notaries, Registrars, cryptocurrency banks and the leading real estate agencies. 

Conveyancing services for buyers


#Helping you Budget

Our real estate agent can provide assistance with helping you calculate your expenses and taxes.


#First chance to buy

You will have privileged access to a specific database offering thousands of properties. If a property comes down in price – you’ll be the first to know.


#No surprises

You are given comprehensive information to help you decide on your property. This includes whether there are charges held against it; information about the area where it is and whether it requires restoration. We’ll also alert you if we think the price is too high.


#4. It’s a win, win

The agent working on your behalf, is a trained professional and an expert in negotiation. This gives you a great advantage during the conveyancing process. Purchasing property is a huge responsibility and you need someone with expertise who will make your best interests their priority.

At InmoCrypto, we are experts in the conveyancing process. With our legal and fiscal knowledge and customer service reputation behind us, you can be assured of the best experience when buying your property.


#No paperwork worries

We have experts in legal issues who can bring their knowledge to the table if issues do arise. A poorly executed contract can have serious consequences and we ensure that contracts are drawn up in accordance with the law.

We are responsible for sending the correct paperwork to the Notary’s office so that they can prepare the Deed of Sale – we always prioritise what’s best for you. You don’t need to worry, we will have everything covered so that the signing goes smoothly when the time comes. We also advise you on any tax requirements that you may not be aware of.


#Better value mortgages

We can help provide advice on obtaining a mortgage according to your profile, so that you don’t pay more than you have to.


#New technology

We make a 360 degree photo report so you can visit properties remotely.


#Utility changes

We carry out the change of ownership on your electricity, water, gas and other utility contracts.


#Purchase cost subsidies

If you might be entitled to one of these we can help you apply. 


#Making an offer

We can advise you on what we consider to be the value of the property and submit a written offer on your behalf – always with your interests as a priority.



We have a large selection of properties in our CRM. We can help you choose the one for you based on your criteria and your budget.

Buying the right property at the right price

Our guide provides some important advice to help you buy your dream home with confidence.




A real estate personal shopper will look after your interests throughout the purchasing process. They are a real estate expert and will accompany you to appointments and provide their advice when needed. We offer this service whatever type of property you are looking for. Find your perfect personal shopper at InmoCrypto.


Your personal shopper is your representative who will champion your rights and present your offers. They will filter out the properties according to your criteria and preferences. With their help you can cut 70% off the time it would take you to search independently.

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