InmoCrypto, teaming up with Notaries, Registrars, Compliance Consultants and Cryptocurrency Banks, has launched in April 2023 the first 100% regulated procedure in Spain for the purchase of houses with cryptocurrencies, with the Seller of the property receiving euros.

  • At InmoCrypto we make the process of buying and selling houses with cryptocurrencies easier:

    • We offer the Buyer a portfolio of properties in Spain, Miami and Portugal as an investment, to rent, as a first or second home, from certified CryptoFriendly Real Estate Agents trained at InmoCrypto Academy. We ensure that your cryptocurrencies meet all legal and anti-money laundering requirements so that they can be used for purchases in euros or dollars, also carrying out the conversion. We supervise the purchase and sale process and all payments, accompanying you at the Notary Office on the day of signing.
    • For the Seller, we convert a purchase and sale with cryptocurrencies into a regular purchase and sale with euros or dollars, which they will receive by check or bank transfer, as they prefer, at the Notary, without having to worry about anything else.
    • For Real Estate, we create a 100% regulated bridge between the traditional Real Estate Sector and senior investors in cryptocurrencies, presenting their homes to a new market that seeks to diversify with more stable returns. We attract national and international potential clients among senior investors, blockchain companies and crypto investment funds. We eliminate the entry barrier to the crypto ecosystem, initially assuming all the processes and offering them the benefits of blockchain technology, making their learning and adoption curve less steep through their training as CryptoFriendly Real Estate Agents.
    • We provide the Notary with a rigorous report with all the requirements so that he can verify the legal origin of the cryptocurrencies and give the green light to the sale. We safeguard the Buyer’s money until the day of signing, making the different payments at the Notary on the day of the sale, from our bank account in a traditional bank.

  • InmoCrypto organizes the National Congress on Blockchain Technology in the Real Estate Sector annually in Alicante, with its 1st edition on April 21, 2023 and consolidating itself as the main congress in Europe.

At our Real Estate Agency in Elche, we strive to be in constant training, have good marketing and a good location. In addition, we commit to our clients and update our processes and work methods. In 2015, we promoted an MLS in Elche, chaired by Jaime Espinosa until the end of 2018, to increase the dissemination of the offer.

Our clients hire us for our experience, negotiation skills, tools and knowledge of the real estate market. But above all, they hire us for our attitude and our heart. At Realmark, we have changed the way we understand the real estate world.

In 2017, our real estate agency in Elche was recognized by the Elche MLS with the First prize for the real estate agency with the most shared sales and the Second prize for the real estate agency with the highest number of acquisitions. We are passionate about our work and these awards are a reflection of our efforts.


We have a long history in the real estate sector. Our know-how makes us excellent negotiators.
We know the market better than anyone and we know very well how to reach customers. We master each of the areas involved in the projects and direct each action towards a single objective: SUCCESS.


Our priority is to have you satisfied at all levels, that is why we have a specialized team and the latest in real estate technology. We are constantly training to always be at the forefront of the sector. We are oriented towards achieving results, without neglecting the quality of our services. We are with you throughout the entire process, taking you by the hand from start to finish.


We listen to you and understand your needs, building truly effective solutions with you. We are close, transparent and professional, and we put passion in everything we do. With us you will only know the word: TRANQUILITY.


We are part of a great national brand, and we are in a period of expansion. We have offices throughout Spain and hundreds of real estate agents are already part of our brand. We are an innovative, strong and technological brand.





We are able to sell a home in an average of 55 days.

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The vast majority of our clients come recommended.

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Only a 4.5% difference between the deposit price and closing price.


In just 5 visits we sell a home.


9 out of 10 homes


Satisfied with their sale


Satisfied with your rental

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