1st Purchase of a Property with Cryptocurrencies in Spain through InmoCrypto

1st Purchase of a Property with Cryptocurrencies in Spain through InmoCrypto

We would like to inform you that a few weeks ago we successfully completed the 1st purchase through Cryptocurrencies of a property in Spain, with the seller of the property receiving euros, following the procedure presented at the InmoCrypto 2023 Congress (congreso.inmocrypto.es).

The home, located in Valencia, was purchased by an international investor for a value close to €660,000 and the cryptocurrency chosen for the purchase was USDT.

To carry out the purchase and sale of the property using Cryptocurrencies through InmoCrypto, all the money laundering prevention requirements proposed by the Notary and Exchange were met, requiring enhanced diligence as it is an operation using crypto funds.

We want to thank all the actors who attended the InmoCrypto 2023 Congress and have made this 100% regulated bridge between the Traditional Real Estate Sector and the Blockchain Sector a reality, and especially, for this 1st operation, Alegria Group: Real Estate and Construction, COMPLIANZEN, ALEDRA, Bit2Me and César Belda Casanova, notary from Valencia, for their valuable collaboration in the development of this payment method.

If you know Crypto Investors, whether they are Companies, Investment Funds or Senior Investors, who are interested in buying properties through Cryptocurrencies in Spain, do not hesitate to contact us, we are available to manage the Purchase and Sale and present homes in the main points of interest of our country.

We continue!

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